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Most jig heads are made with a low melting point LEAD FREE alloy that weighs about 3/4 as much as lead  This low melting point 281*F bismuth-tin alloy is not suitable for powder painting. We have concluded after many years of field testing that the natural durable shine of this alloy is at least as attractive as paint. Certain heads popular with jig tying artists are available with a powder paintable higher melting temp alloy as specifically noted.

 Heavier jig heads than listed are available by request but are not inventoried and will require additional time to mfg. & ship. For additional information email a Request :

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Round Heads - Ultra Point Hooks


Mustad Ultra Point hooks are a solid upgrade over standard round bend hooks. These light wire hooks are special tempered strong and have sturdy chemically sharpened points.

New! 1/16 and 1/8 with extra strong 2x hooks.


Round Heads - Sickle Hooks


Mfg. Matzuo claims the Sickle design hooks offer exceptional sharpness, strength, and holding power. They have withstood the test of time and appear to be high value premium light wire hooks.


Round Heads - Premium Hooks


For anglers that demand top of the line hook strength and sharpness, we offer tapered barb collar round heads with HEAVY WIRE Gamakatsu black nickel 604 and Owner 5313 hooks. Gamakatsu hooks are the same length as standard round bend Aberdeens but are gapped one size smaller. Owners are wider gapped and beak pointed. All are forged for extra strength.


Round Heads - High Value


Here's a good selection of Round Heads made with sturdy unbranded light wire chemically sharpened hooks. Available in high vis perfect for kids red and original stealth bronze finish colors. Discounted bulk prices for thrifty anglers.


Football Heads - Ultra Point 2x Hooks


These 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 size football heads are made with Mustad Ultra Point heavy wire BLN 2x hooks for those that prefer strongest possible hooks.

New! 3/8 size with 2/0 2x hooks.


Football Heads - Ultra Point XS Wide Gap


These 1/4 and 3/8 size football heads are made with Mustad Ultra Point heavy wire wide gap hooks for those that prefer an upgrade quality strong hook. They are cast with full solid body heads, but can be made by request with hole indents for gluing in weedguards


Plain Ball Jig Heads


Tools for jig flyers and tiers from 1/64 #10 micros for bluegill to heavy duty 1/4 2/0 for steelhead . Small sizes 1/64 & 1/32 light wire VMC hook heads are cast with a shiny low melting point non-powder paintable bismuth/tin alloy, but other hook heads are cast with a dull finish lead free alloy that may be carefully heated to a temperature not exceeding 350* F.

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Tube Heads


We offer a selection of tube jig heads with sharp and strong upgrade quality Mustad Ultra Point and Sickle hooks. Small size tube heads with quality unbranded hooks are available in their separate section. Other size heads are available by request

New! Ultra Point Heavy Wire Wide Gap Hook Versions

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Heavy Tube Heads


New! These 1/2 and 3/4 size tube heads are center balanced for vertical jigging. Since trophy lake trout are a typical target hooks are upgraded to heavy wire Owner 3/0.


1/16 & 1/8 Spoon Jig Heads


The flat thin body of this jig head style allows for a slower fall and retrieve. The hook point will tend to remain upright whether swimming or sitting on the bottom. Lighter than lead weight lead free alloy accentuates these qualities. SORRY, THESE HOOKS ARE OUT OF STOCK. email for other options. Heavier weight heads also available.


Custom 1/16 Nail Heads


If you like to throw plastics on a bare hook and wished for a more secure attachment, perhaps with a bit more weight, you might try these. The multi-cone bait holder collar can be used for weedless Texas style rigging too. Choice of heavy wire Mustad Ultra Point 1/0 wide gap or light wire Ultra Point 4/0 long shank black nickel hooks.


Custom Hooksup Heads


Designed for slow swimming plastics, the flat wide belly, tapered body, and forward eye angled entry helps resist bottom snagging. Available in 1/10 - 2/0, 1/8 - 4/0, 3/16 - 4/0, and 1/4 - 4/0 sizes with Mustad Ultra Point BLN light wire hooks.


Custom Hooksup Heads - Heavy Wire


This heavy wire hook version of the Hooksup Head retains the slow swimming, hook upright snag resistant features of the original light wire design. Available in 1/10 - #2, 1/8 - 1/0, 1/8 - 2/0, and 1/4 - 3/0 sizes with VMC XS & Mustad Ultra Point BLN hooks.


Custom Hooksup Heads - Gamakatsu EWG


New! This latest version of the Hooksup features strong and sharp Gamakatsu EWG medium wire hooks. This type of hook is ideal for clipping on a Hitch Hiker wire coil bait holder to the hook eye for weedless rigging.


Custom 1/4 HeVhed


This compact size full 1/4 oz. jig head was designed for but not limited to pompano and surf perch jigs requiring a stronger than usual small hook.  #4 VMC heavy wire hooks are best available. The flat belly weighted design helps keep the hook point upright whether swimming, sitting, or bumping bottom. Higher melting point alloy may be heated to approx. 350*F for powder painting.


Shad Dart Heads - Ultra Point 2x Hooks


These shad dart jig heads are made with a special heavy lead free alloy suitable for powder painting . All 6 sizes utilise UPGRADE HEAVY WIRE Ultra Point 2x hooks, except the 1/32 Micro version with #8 VMC standard light wire hooks. The recommended heating temp for powder painting is 325*F.

New! Custom 1/12 & 1/6 sizes + 1/32 Micro Darts




The popular walking sinker is designed for setting on and also moving along the bottom hence it's name. Our drop shot design casts and sinks efficiently and the special line clinch swivel spins smoothly on both ends of the barrel.




Listed in this section are discount priced clearance items. Included are jig heads made with discontinued and small lot purchase hooks. Quantities may be limited - out of stock items can be replaced with comparable value or refunded.


Tied Jigs


New! John McKean has been my invaluable mentor and field tester. He and son Sean have decided to make their OUTSTANDING jigs available. Their preferred size is 1/28 oz. with best choice sharp and sturdy VMC hooks which are proven effective for any species available in PA, including catfish & carp up to 30+ lbs. Contact them directly at :